Why Cars are better than Bikes- Top 5 reasons

Bike enthusiasts, please don’t read this article, it might really offend you guys!

I am a diehard car enthusiast, well that is why I am writing this article in the first place. Let’s get to the top 5 reasons why a car is better than a bike.

  1. Safety: This fact has been accepted worldwide that a car is safer than a bike. But lets make it a little more interesting by doing an experiment in our minds. A Suzuki Swift Zxi costs around 7 Lakhs on-road in India, the Ninja 650R also costs almost the same! Imagine, you are cruising at the highway at 100ish speeds and you suddenly notice that there is a truck in front of you who is moving at 5KMPH! In the Swift, you crash into it, the seat recliner stops you from being thrown out of the car through the front window(If you are wearing your seat belt), the air bags open-up thus providing cushion to your face, the head rest at the back of your seat prevents any injury due to whiplash! You claim your car’s insurance and you drive your car happily ever after! But on the Ninja, in a similar situation, you DIE!! Your family claims your life insurance and you don’t ride your bike ever after! That’s bad 😦
  2. Comfort: A car is undoubtedly more comfortable than a bike. The seating is comfortable, you have the air conditioner, the passenger seat reclines enabling the passenger to comfortably sleep during long journeys. You can peacefully sit in the car’s cabin away from the noise and air pollution! The suspension is also a lot better than that of a bike, so those backaches are less likely.
  3. Convenience: In the summer season riding a bike can be such a task! The scorching heat is just too difficult to deal with! Thankfully in cars, we have window tints and a air conditioner making journeys in the summer season peaceful 🙂
    In the rainy season, even the most passionate bikers start to hate their bikes. I don’t blame them, it is really very irritating in the rains!
    In the winter season, the cold is so much that the bikers need to wear too much clothing that they turn into the biggest fashion disasters. If they don’t wear protective clothing, they may catch a cold! What the hell is the best time to ride a bike then!!!!!!
  4. Performance: Bikers insist that a similarly priced bike is faster than a car. But why do such a vague comparison. Let’s just compare the world’s fastest car to the world’s fastest bike! So it is Hayabusa Vs Buggatti Veyron Grand Sport(I know it is no more the fastest car, but most people are not aware of the CCX)!!!
Spec Hayabusa Veyron
0-100 Kmph 2.6 secs 2.4 secs
Top Speed 310 Kmph +425 Kmph

The above table says it all. But some bikers may argue that a bike will beat a car on the track. Sadly that is not going to happen. Due to the fundamental reason- A car has more grip! 4 tires VS 2 tires. Secondly, a bike cannot accelerate very fast while cornering, if you accelerate too hard while cornering the front wheel may come up, if this happens you cannot steer as the front wheel does all the steering work OR you may simply slip. Whereas in a car, you can floor the throttle while turning. At the most you will have to deal with some amount of understeer (If you drive a FWD) or oversteer that can easily be tackled with the right amount of counter steering.

5. Potential for Mods: There is tremendous potential for aftermarket parts in a car! In a bike all you can do is a bit of paint, graphics, a good headlight and some small performance parts. In a car on the other hand, you can fit in a music system, a nitrous purge kit, a CNG kit also :P, headlights, fog lights, a fridge, huge performance mods, many body mods like scoops, kits, spoilers etc!

Enough of biker bashing for the day! Cheers!